Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bakugan Cake

Bakugan Cake \ Ravenoid Cake : Closeup

Partial view into the upper sphere . You still can't see Ravenoid though ... Just reminder that I have to take pictures before I get too distracted with dozens of kids trying to poke at the cake ...

Bakugan Cake - Ravenoid Cake

Bakugan Cake \ Ravenoid Cake : for a 5 year old

Ravenoid Bakugan Cake for a 5 year old who decided to let go of Thomas and Barney without much advance notice. The pink colored bird-like Ravenoid is seated under the top 'sphere'. The cake was gone too soon and did not leave much time for too many pictures. 11/09

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mehendi Cake : East Meets West

Mehendi Cake : East Meets West

Traditional indian eggless fruit cake with free-hand-painted chocolate Mehendi designs for an original take on Thanksgiving\Diwali desserts. 11/09

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Cookies

Halloween Party Treats : made with love for little 'dragonflies' in a pre-school. 10/09

T-Rex Cake

T-Rex Cake for an 8 year old

One of DelisSWeet favorites. The birthday boy and his friends had so much fun charging at the T-Rex on the cake and gobbling it all up. 07/09

Perfect and Delicious...

It was perfect and delicious! Everyone loved it. ...
Thanks again. It was beyond our expectations. (It also traveled perfectly.) ...

Heidi K. June 15 2009
See The Cake :

Sports Balls Cake

Sports Balls Cake for a 7 year old

Awarded to the Winner of the Themed-Cake at the Blanchard Memorial PTF Auction Night Mar-2008. 06/09

Feedback from the winning family : 06/15/09:

It was perfect and delicious! Everyone loved it. ...
Thanks again. It was beyond our expectations. (It also traveled perfectly.) ...

This was a non-profit venture by DeliSWeet Treats

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake : birthday cake for a 4 year old

It was the perfect cake for a four year old who loves Thomas The Tank Engine and his little friends. The cake was just what he wanted - 11/08

Valentines Cupcakes

Valentines Cupcakes : Perfect Gift Idea

Made for preschoolers - they enjoyed every bite of it. 02/09

Shark Cake

Shark Cake : birthday cake for a 7 year old

Shark and base were carved out of conventional chocolate cakes, and decorated under the direction of a young 7 year old shark enthusiast for his "Bruce-The-Shark" themed party. The birthday boy and his little friends had so much fun cutting up and savoring the "catch" of the day. 07/08

Thanksgiving : Turkey Cupcakes

Thanksgiving : Turkey Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting on cupcakes made to look like turkeys.

Spring Time Cupcakes

Spring Time Cupcakes : Celebrating end of school semester

It was unexpectedly hot and humid that day - Still, ladybugs, spring bugs and flowers managed to stay on icing. Kids loved them.

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My low fat\low sugar recipes are always available on request . People have asked me how can you make low sugar\low fat cakes when the word "cake" itself evokes "butter and sugar ... and of course, much dreaded fat " ... The answer is yes, it is possible to make low sugar and low fat cakes,cookies and cupcakes by substituting wherever possible. I learnt most of my low-fat recipes\substitutes from my parents who taught me the fundamentals of practical, tradititional and vegetarian cooking and baking and who always found creative and healthy ways to make ends meet ... Yes, one can make cakes without eggs, with raw sugar, or with much less flour or butter than what the recipe calls for. Did you also know flour is not an absolute necessity for baking ... Nature has also created pumpkins, corn, oats, zucchinis , potatoes and carrots that are perfect ingredients for healthy baking. I have never used shortening in my cakes ... just the thought of it makes me feel sick. My preference is margarine or vegetable oil. That's what make my baking style figure friendly .

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