Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cupcake Camp Boston April 2010

Springtime Strawberry Cupcakes

DeliSweet Treats participated in the very first Cupcake Camp Boston 2010 with it's signature Springtime Fresh Strawberries Cupcake topped with Strawberry frosting and edible critters and flowers. Attendees who took a chance and a bite acknowledged they could taste the fresh strawberries in the cake and frosting right away.

DeliSWeet Treats promised 24 cupcakes but ended up donating 48 intricately decorated cupcakes ( i.e over $100 worth of cupcakes) to this event.

One of the attendees mentioned she had "never eaten ladybugs before and they taste great".

This was a Non-Profit venture By DeliSWeets Treats

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